About Us

We are an award winning British aquatics company, famous the world-over for our pond filtration products and indoor aquarium range.

We manufacture market leading pond products such as the Nexus filtration systems, EazyPod, evoUV, Cetus Sieve, K1 Media, K1 Micro and our aquarium range eaMarine, eaFreshwater and eaReef at our production facility located in Wigan, north-west England.

The award winning products that we offer are specifically designed to be of the highest quality, from our K1 Micro Bead filters to our Koi foods, and our water treatments to our pipework fittings. Our complete pond and aquarium product range helps everyone from high end professionals to the everyday hobbyist, achieve a perfect environment for healthy fish to thrive.

Our company prides itself on our in-house innovation, research and development which has been par-amount to our success since we started over developing filtration products in 2001.

The company began with the advent of a ground-breaking new filtration method called ‘The Answer’ which took the Koi world by storm. The Nexus followed soon after, using filter media and moving bed technology never before seen in ornamental fishkeeping. Nexus is now the biggest selling Koi filter around the globe, and it has never been bettered. Development of Nexus continues to this day, and 2014 saw the launch of the much-anticipated 220 and 320 models.

The backbone of the Nexus biological filtration is K1 Media, a product which along with the Nexus is manufactured in-house at EA’s Wigan factory. Pushing the boundaries of biological filtration yet further.

We also launched brand-new K1 Micro media in 2014, with industry leading surface area to volume ratios and improved mechanical as well as biological properties.

Famous also our EazyPod filter, Cetus Sieve and evoUV, all backed up by a game-changing filter bacteria product called PURE.

PURE has changed the way aquarium and pond owners mature filters, reducing ammonia and nitrite and even treating clarity problems. Added to that is the ease of use of all the PURE products, PURE Pond, PURE Aquarium, PURE Pond Bomb, PURE Reef Balance and PURE+ Filter Start Gel, which makes them an increasingly popular choice for complete novices to the highest-end Koi and aquarium keepers for their show-winning stock.

We have won countless prestigious awards over the years, including Best Manufacturer six times, Best Filter, for Nexus, six times, as voted for by the readers of Koi Carp magazine.

The PURE range has already won three awards including best new product at the AQUA trade show in 2010, Best Pond Product 2013 and Best Tropical Product 2014 by the readers of Practical Fishkeeping Magazine.

Other awards have been given for our AirPumps, EazyPod, Foods, and most recently for our innovative K1 Micro which was named best new product 2014 by Koi Carp magazine.

Our research and development team continue at a pace to deliver new and innovative products to the aquatics market. Recent new products include the new K1 Micro Bead filter, Pure+ Filter Start Gel and our aquarium range.