Checkout Process

Making a purchase
Making a purchase could not be easier. Simply browse our online store for the items you wish to purchase and click the “add to cart” button. You will then be taken to your shopping cart to complete the checkout process.

Your shopping cart
Your shopping cart displays all of the items that you wish to purchase. When you are viewing your shopping cart you are still able to edit your order. For instance, you can change the quantity of each item you would like to buy. Simply enter a number into the quantity box and click the update button. You can also remove items from your shopping cart by clicking on the corresponding tick box under the “remove” header and click the update button.

If you would like to add more products to the cart you can click the “continue” button. This will take you back to the main website where you can continue searching for products to purchase. Any items that are already in your cart will remain there unless you navigate away from the website.

The checkout process
Once you have added all of the items to your shopping cart and you are happy to confirm the order, you can click on the “Checkout now” button. On the next page, you can choose a different delivery address to the invoice address. Simply select the corresponding tick box. Then click the “next” button.

At this point you will be required to enter all of your billing / delivery details. Simply fill in all fields highlighted in red or with an asterisk. If you have chosen to have the order delivered to a different delivery address the corresponding field will display the word “Yes”.

You also can select different delivery options from the drop down menu. (See “Delivery Policy” for more details).

Once you have completed all of the billing details and ticked to confirm you have read the terms and conditions, you can click on the “Next” button.

If you had selected the option to have the order shipped to a different delivery address you can enter the address details here.

Once happy, you can click the “Next” button. You will be taken to our secure payment provider’s webpage where you will need to enter your credit card details. When you have entered all of your payment details and followed the instructions online your order will be acknowledged by email.

Secure payment
Our secure payment provider, WorldPay, accepts payment via debit or Visa and Mastercard credit cards. We accept payments in GBP currency only. Once an order is confirmed and your payment details have been processed you will receive an email confirmation from us, using the email address We will then take payment immediately from the debit or credit card.

If you would rather place the order over the telephone, do not complete the online checkout process, contact head office on 01942 216554.

VAT is charged at the standard UK VAT rate of 20%.