Nexus Eazy 210/310

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New Nexus 210/310 - unbeatably eazy and clear


The Nexus 210 and 310 filtration systems have now been discontinued and have been replaced with the Nexus 220 and Nexus 320 filters. For copies of the Nexus 210 or 310 installation manuals, click on the links below.


  Unbeatable water quality and clarity
  Zero maintenance within the Biological stage
  Low running costs
  Easy to install - 'plug and play'
  Small footprint
  Unparalleled value for money
  A 'pleasure' to clean
  Works pump or gravity fed
  No need for a high pressure and costly
     circulating pump
  Uses K1 Media Moving Bed technology
  Mechanical and biological stage in one unit
  Biological capacity that can grow with
     your fish, just add more kaldnes media
  Open mechanical filter allowing visual      inspection that media is 100% clean after      maintenance
  Now includes pump fed
     overflow/Gravity fed bypass system
  New Improved Eazy
  Clear Lid for Eazy Section
  New improved air system

'Eazy' to clean using air valve
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Nexus installation Manuals
310 Manual
210 Manual

Nexus Cleaning Guides
For Gravity Fed Systems
For Pump Fed Systems


SpecificationEazy 210Eazy 310
Max Flow Rate10,000 litres/hr
2,200 UK gallons/hr
2,640 US gallons/hr
13,000 litres/hr
2,859 UK gallons/hr
3,431 US gallons/hr
K1 Media50 ltrs bio/30 ltrs Eazy100 ltrs bio/40 ltrs Eazy
Max Capacity150 ltrs bio/30 ltrs Eazy300 ltrs bio/40 ltrs Eazy
Max Pondsize18,000 litres
4,000 UK gallons
4,800 US gallons
34,000 litres
7,500 UK gallons
9,000 US gallons
Volume of water in filter112 UK gallons
510 litres
135 US gallons
185UK gallons
840 litres
222 US gallons


nexus 310 pumpfed overflow


Total Biological Media litresRecommended
50-75Airpump 75
75-100Airpump 95
100-150Airpump 130
150-300Airpump 150

EAZY 200 Retro-kit for Nexus 200 (Old Model)EAZY 200 Retro-kit for Nexus 200 (Old Model)

Ref: EAZY200

Price: 245.00 (Including VAT)


Lid - Nexus 200Lid - Nexus 200

Ref: LID200

Price: 99.00 (Including VAT)


Nexus Waste Pipe KitNexus Waste Pipe Kit


Price: 14.95 (Including VAT)


EAZY 300 Retro-kit for Nexus 300 (Old Model)EAZY 300 Retro-kit for Nexus 300 (Old Model)

Ref: EAZY300

Price: 295.00 (Including VAT)


Lid - Nexus 300Lid - Nexus 300

Ref: LID300

Price: 99.00 (Including VAT)


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