As fish keepers we all have the same goal - to provide a healthy and clean environment for our fish, so they not only survive, but flourish!

With "old school" filtration there is normally a trade off. If the filter is super efficient at trapping solid waste, it will require regular cleaning, which is time consuming, smelly and messy. If it isn't efficient at trapping solids and they pass through, you ultimately will have to clean your biological stage from time to time, which will upset the bacterial balance and adversely effect the filter rmaturity.

We offer a proven method for you to have the most efficient and powerful mechanical and biological capacity in a smaller space and money saving surface area.
Kaldnes K1 media has been proven to be up to 10 times more efficient biologically than static media, per equal volume. When used mechanically, its ability to remove solids from the water is incredible. Our systems are totally open with no dead areas where anaerobic bad bacteria can grow and you don't need a high powered, 'expensive to run' circulating pump either. click here for details of low wattage pumps

If you have sadly experienced blanket weed and having to remove brushes, foams and matting for cleaning, you will be able to testify how soul destroying it can be. With our systems, there is no trade off - ''the eazy'' cleaning process becomes an asbolute pleasure! In a couple of minutes with no mess , no wet or dirty hands, the cleaning is done and without any disruption of the biological stage of the filter. Simply turn a switch and relax! If you think that you can handle the cleaning regime, we definitely have something for you. click to see how eazy it actually is...

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