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Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue

Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue

Evolution Aqua aquariums have been designed to use the very latest, high specification LED lighting from Kessil. The California based brand develop and manufacture their own LED chips, enabling them to produce tunable LED light spectrums specific for the needs of corals and fish.

Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue

The A160WE is the latest Kessil LED light to become exclusively available to Evolution Aqua in the UK. The A160WE is available either in reef spec Tuna Blue or freshwater Tuna Sun – perfect for plant growth. The A160 has the same small size and gooseneck compatibility as the previous 150 model, but also all the on-board controllability of the larger A360 model, while at the same time being new Spectral Controller compatible.


Kessil marine lights include the all-important UV spectrum built into the Dense Matrix Array, so provide the light that corals really need as well as providing eye-catching, popping colours. Being pendant, point source lights, the shimmer effect is unrivalled.


More Power

More power versus old A150 (34v40 watts) but also more lumens of light per watt through more efficient chips so a noticeably brighter light all round.



A160WE LED lights are fully compatible with goosenecks and Spectral Controller.

Kessil A160WE A360WE Tuna Blue Info Kessil A160WE A360WE Tuna Blue Info
Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue

Kessil A160WE
Tuna Blue


  • For marine aquariums
  • Tunable light
  • 40W power
  • 10,000K to Actinic spectrum
  • Kessil Logic
  • Spectral Controller compatible
  • Easily connects to Gooseneck
  • 305mm (18") to 610mm (24")  surface diameter coverage
  • Wide angle light

Kessil A160WE / A160NE Tuna Blue User Manual

Kessil A160WE / A360WE Tuna Blue Info Sheet




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